Credit Transfer Policy
Policy Statement

Undergraduate students may transfer up to 75% of the total credits of their currently enrolled program at Richmindale College. Graduate students may transfer up to 50% of the total credits of their currently enrolled program at Richmindale. The credits that can be transferred may come from a combination of both comparable coursework completed at an accredited school and experiential credits, however, experiential credits must not exceed 25%.

Requests for credit transfer are evaluated based on their individual merit by the Student Services and Records Office. Transfer of credits is not based solely on whether the postsecondary education institution or program from which the credit is to be transferred is accredited; and if accredited, the accrediting agency. The following minimum criteria are used for transfer of credits:

  • Coursework must be comparable in scope and content.
  • Coursework must be applicable to the program into which transfer is requested.
  • Learning outcomes and competencies must be aligned with the program into which transfer is requested.
  • Credits to be transferred must have been completed within 5 years from the date of credit transfer application.
  • Undergraduate (bachelor’s) and graduate (master’s) coursework must have been completed with a minimum GPA of 2.0 (“C”) to be considered for transfer.
  • Applicant is prepared to further his/her studies, and confident to succeed, with Richmindale College based on its curriculum.

If required, students are responsible for providing all information necessary for the validation of the credit claimed. For example, students may be required to furnish the academic catalog and/or the course outline from the school awarding the credit.

Experiential credits refer to any learning experience that took place prior to the student’s enrollment in Richmindale’s postsecondary degree program, covering a combination of work experience, internship, non-credit courses, seminars, workshops, trainings, and creative pursuits. These forms of learning can be translated into college credits subject to the following eligibility considerations and guidelines:

  • The purpose for requesting experiential learning credit must not be for other purposes (i.e., for financial aid or fulfilling electives) other than fulfilling specific degree credentials.
  • There is compatibility of the content, scope, and rigor of the prior learning (regardless of the sending institution) relative to that program offered by Richmindale College or the specific course in which the credit is applied for. A student is only eligible to earn a maximum of 25% of the total program credits for experiential learning credit—applicable to both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • The opportunity to seek experiential learning credit is open to full-time and part-time students.

Below are some requirements for experiential learning credit, as applicable. Richmindale College may request additional requirements.

  • Letter from an employer detailing work performed and number of hours rendered.
  • Transcripts.
  • Certificates of completion from seminars, workshops, and training.
  • Samples of written and visual works or products created.
  • Placement exam scores.
  • Videos demonstrating the student’s ability to do something.
  • Certificate of proficiency issued by employer or government regulatory board.
  • Other documents as proof of professional achievements or recognition.

To apply for credit transfer, students must submit their filled and signed Credit Transfer Application Form, Transcripts, and other relevant documents through e-mail to, through Richmindale’s website at , or in person in the Student Services and Records Office. When the credit transfer evaluation is completed, Richmindale’s representative from the Student Services and Records Office shall contact the applicant using the applicant’s registered email address mentioned in the application form within 10 working days, to notify the applicant of the number of classes and credits accepted for transfer, and the next steps to take for enrollment.

Richmindale College charges $75 for each application for credit transfer request.

Notice Concerning Transferability of Credits and Credentials Earned at Richmindale College

The transferability of credits earned at Richmindale College is entirely at the discretion of the school to which the student may seek to transfer. Richmindale College cannot guarantee the acceptance of the credits awarded or the degree earned at the school by other institutions or employers.